How to register for the Business & Management Portal

If you already have an Online Account enter your username and password and click Continue.
A British Library Online Account will in time allow you to access all British Library online services with one username and password and will replace existing online accounts.

Online Account holders will be able to access many British Library online services straight away and easily upgrade to be a Reader or use our Document Supply Services for example.

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You will need to follow the steps below to use the Business & Management Portal

Please note: Registration is currently required even if you are already a holder of a British Library Reader Pass. Why?
The Library is in the process of consolidating the various stores of customer data it holds.

The details of Readers are currently still stored in a separate computer system from the Online Account and Readers will have to register additionally for an Online Account until the two sets of data are consolidated.

Once this consolidation has taken place Readers will no longer have to register separately for an Online Account.

Step 1: Register for a British Library Online Account
Step 2: Confirm your email address
Step 3: Customise how you want to use the Business & Management Portal